Wednesday, August 5, 2009

ooh ooh

I bought a new TV on WOOT, and it works SO GOOD with my computer!!! I had an old-school TV hooked up via S-video to my computer, and (maybe you know how that goes?) the text was completely unreadable unless it was set on the hugest, dumbest resolution, only then often programs would have their "OK" or whatever buttons too low so you couldn't see them for clicking. NO MORE! Plus, I got a wireless keyboard at salvation army that matches the wireless mouse and wireless receiver that i already had.... so say hello to way less cluttered TV-lounge type area!

leave a comment if you want to be invited to (a) celebratory movie-watch... so far nominations include live-action speedracer movie.

the low point of today so far is not being able to find the cable to hook the PS2 up to the new TV to see if the found special-remote-to-make-using-it-as-your-DVD-player works ( I adopted a poor abandoned Platstaion2 at the beginning of the summer when some mean college kids left it behind... then I ebay'd up a copy of  katamari which is fun enoughh to be the only game I own, I'm pretty sure.

should I go swimming this afternoon, or will it rain and I can just stand outside for a few minuites for the same effect? decisions, decisions.

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