Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I went back a gain

some of you may have heard or read my story about that fateful night when my eyes, roaming over the flavor selection on the Ben & Jerry's shelf in the ice-cream section of the local convenience mart, landed just wrong upon the words chubby hubby, "my heart broke a little bit, and I just walked out."

well, tonight I realized -or, 'registered' is probably more applicable since really I had already known on some level- that it isn't as though I can't or shouldn't eat ice cream, even delicious & wonderful ice cream. the thing is, THE THING, right, IS: I just shouldn't eat a whole pint in one sitting!!

DER¹, not much of a break-through, I know. But still; it takes all kinds [of realizations²].

So, tonight I went and bought the old stand-by, my first ever favorite: coffee heathbar crunch. AND, ate a small bowl of it.

¹ "uh-DOY", if you prefer. see duh

² note that this word simply means 'cause to be made real'. Note further that, or HOW, this is the case: you think of something..... which then IS real.

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