Sunday, June 29, 2008

momma (didn't) told me there'd be days like these

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WTF man!?! was this screw sitting balanced point up, or how the heck does this $%*# happen?

Monday, June 23, 2008

yeah so

hey everynobody-

sorry my posts have been so sparse and uninteresting!

here's some good news- I had bought a bunch of computer memory for a super good price on ebay a while back, only when it got here, it was dead- I got burned by a scam artist selling factory rejected RAM sticks. BUT! Paypal refunded my money when I filed a claim against the scam artist! I was surprised and delighted.

what else.

its hard for me to figure out what to say here. I have a filtration problem, I tend to keep my walls up really high (i.e. don't talk about stuff with anybody), but the things I really want to talk about, I kind of feel are too important to just blurt out. I worry too much (about the wrong things).

never quite as it seems dep't

what happens when you hear Chuck D. on the radio (BBC no less!) then, later that same night, when you discover theres an episode of South Park on your HD you didn't watch yet, it turns out its the one when the kids repeatedly summon the ghost of Biggie Smalls?

You end up having dreams that Flava-Flav is trying to kill you! Guest starring Charlie Murphy and featuring Flying Ninja Ice-capades.

well, really "Ice Ninja Flying-capades" but you know, who's counting or whatever..

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