Monday, April 14, 2008

the great indoor fight

Djever have one of those (seemingly interminable stretches of time)?

here is my IBM Thinkpad 770Z, which I have been building from cheaply-eBay'd parts* since sometime around the end of last year. I'll go ahead and save all you folks some trouble by telling you, since nobody else will: This laptop won't boot if it has an Hard Drive smaller than 5 gigs in it; this includes 4.6 gig hard drives, sadly. Yes, even in the 2nd HD adapter, and even via the 760 drive caddy (seen here.)

*i.e. I first bought the bottom half, no screen, for $30, then I got a screen for another $24, then a HD caddy and some memories for $40, THEN the 2nd HD adapter (so I can get all the data off my old laptop, a 760XD which is a Pentium I@166 MHz running Win98), and NOW I am waiting for the $9 battery before I can update the BIOS so I can install WinXP on this guy & use it a little, and decide if I want to throw $70 on a brand new, awesome battery. STAY TUNED!

click the picture to go to Flickr & read somewhat more about it, complete with explicatory notes...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

christmas movie

here is a little video from xmas day that's been
languishing in my camera and/or computer ever since!

christmas victrola from ro6ot on Vimeo.

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