Sunday, May 4, 2008

weakened update

I hurt my back at work on Wednesday, and I have been taking things a little easy (physically) since then.

Here is what happened: I was wrestling a stupid heavy box up three stupid stone steps, with the help of a hand truck but otherwise without assistance for no reason{other than to see if I could do it} and BAM ~or rather OWW!~ I get this burning pain in one little spot of my lower back. For the next two days this pain occasionally kind of quieted down or almost-disappeared when I held still, but was still there.. that was Wednesday, today is Sunday. Since Friday I have mostly kept a heating pad [the substrate from monkey's winter palace] on the area, and taken Naproxin Sodium, an anti-inflammatory which helps, not just hiding the pain but in actually CAUSING THERE TO BE LESS PAIN because the pain is caused by the inflammation.

Today I feel better enough to try doing some yoga! (note: this is mostly a joke, funny because if I do nearly anything even slightly strenuous which involves me moving but not keeping my lower back still... hello pain! Also though, partly not a joke, as I HAVE done child's pose and it feels like it's helping! Thanks to my friend Jo for that suggestion.)

In other news, though I haven't as yet gotten the 'Lappy 486' seen below quite into shape yet, I am however nonetheless composing this entry on his younger brother, the 600X. USING LINUX EVEN! I met the cutest lil puppy on the internet the other day, and it followed me home & totally moved into my little computer! I like him a lot.

As for his big brother, today I'm going to radioshack to get 9 AA-battery holders to solder in place of the 9 cells I took out of the 770's dead battery, so I can make a functional battery, so I can finish trying to get THAT stupid thing kick-started without pouring too much money into it. (the $8 "untested" battery from ebay was of course totally dead and unusable.) I think its gonna work, I'll let you know!

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