Sunday, May 25, 2008

this is just to say

i know, I know: this blog is terribly boring looking!
Well, here is a picture to liven things up a tiny bit-
(specifically, a picture of my speedy new 30-year-old bike):

I drove* to North Adams on Saturday, to go to a friend's opening at Mass MoCA.

*please note, I did not drive the bicycle seen here;
rather I drove my truck, andy goldsworthy.

On the way I thought up this term to refer to a group of civil-war veterans who only want to hear speeches about pasta:

spaghettysburg addressable.

in a similar vein, what kind of plastic building blocks do you think kids play with on the cluster of islands where singing is never accompanied by instrument?

(these are ideas for a word game a couple of other friends thought up;
there isn't a name for the game yet that I know of.
I think these may not strictly qualify, in which case
this OTHER game they DO count as might be called 'threedom'.)

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