Monday, May 19, 2008

OK so

well, turns out (and i AM TOTALLY touching real genuine wood as i write this) that my previous back injury was pretty minor, and I am fully recovered- now I can do all my usual stuff as ever, except I am carefully leaving "being totally stupid about doing things that might hurt my back again" (such as [lifting very heavy stuff without noticing my posture] and [trying to do multi-person jobs by myself]. this second one is the bigger deal, and basically constitutes a life-change.) wish me luck!

I ended up NOT going on the group bike ride last weekend, for the silly reason of not having any 'serious cycling clothes'... instead I went on a nice solo ride out to georgiaville pond, which was the first discovered swimming hole many years ago. It turns out that the group ride I DIDN'T do was more like a regular 'tour de beer' than a serious cycling trip, so I ended up better off; except that I've been hankering to go do tour de beer ever since it became spring, so I missed out on that social aspect.

(tour de beer is a providence tradition whereby an assembled group of bikers rides around town to a series of hangout spots, and at each spot, hangs out and consumes a beer, before proceeding to the next spot & repeating the procedure. Its a super fun mellow way to catch up with one's crew if, like me, one tends to lag behind in base-touch with the friends.)

in other news, I am currently picking out which health plan I want to sign up for once I am officially hired at where I've been working for 2+ years, so THAT's awesome. Copays & Deductibles y'all... yeah it turns out its no long all about the Benjamins*.


*is there already a satire "all about the benefits"?

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