Saturday, May 10, 2008


hey all!

my back doesn't hurt anymore, thank goodness. I've even been on a few bike rides, sort of testing the waters doubly- to see how my back feels, and preparing for a group ride on sunday.

Tomorrow I am going to Boston for the evening to see my friend play music, and several other bands as well; at a place called "P.A.'s Lounge" to which I've been before but scarcely remember. Its actually in Somerville, not Boston proper. I'll tell you how it goes!

the bad news this week: the 8-gigabyte SD card I got for $50 on the interwebs, seems to have fatally corrupted itself... will I be able to get it replaced or get my money back?!? we shall see!

This evening instead of going to the Masquerade ball at the Dirt Palace, I stayed home & put new tubes and tires on my fancy Peugot bike to get ready for the ride on Sunday.

thank you for tuning in- I hope you (whoever and whenever you might be, reading this) are well!


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