Sunday, April 26, 2009

visualizing a mental explosion as an effect akin to a huge & ever-expanding snowplow, clearing everything away*, radiating outward yet not dissipating even as it grows.

in other news, i've been kayaking twice in the past 2 weeks, and have now got my truck 100% working again after 1)putting in a radio, which messed up the running lights; 2)fixing the lights, which disabled the gas & temp gauges; and then replaced the dash console, restoring full function thereto. Now I just have to rollback the odometer (which came from a different truck) to the correct reading... although hopefully I will swap the actual odometer out for one that has a resettable trip counter, for the easier keeping track of my miles-per-gallon, and simplifying the calculations of general navigation.

*this is something which I sometimes wish could occur to my "accumulation" of "belongings".

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