Monday, April 6, 2009

where to start

it occurs to me to reassure the blog reading public not to worry; despite (dis)appearances, I have actually consumed further meals than ¹oatmeal on December 14th and ²egg noodles with sadly un-garlic'd cream sauce on January 6th. Why, just yesterday I tore into a charming box of whole-wheat rigatoni and emeril's "gaaaahlic" pasta-sauce-from-a-can....

but seriously folks: what HAVE i been up to?!? the phrase "surfing (like a dead body)" comes to mind, with attendant disturbing mental image. But really (not THAT seriously!!) it hasn't been that bad.

last night I had a dream of riding my bike to a house show and finding crazy velcro luggage in a dumpster- a whole bunch of matching large gray suitcases which could all be joined together, and fit into a tough protective container like a mega suitcase 15 feet long, ten feet wide, and 18 inches deep. At the time I thought to myself "hmm.. I guess that IS how you carry enough photography equipment {including development chemicals} for a 'National Geographic' funded safari exploration trip when said journey has its own cargo plane" but in hindsight I think instead, without un-thinking the above, "this is a regular-sized multi-compartment sundries bin; I am currently little."

there is much more to say. a little bit at a time.

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