Saturday, June 6, 2009

the haul

this season's casa de oro [the time when students move out and leave perfectly really good stuff behind and/or throw such away] has yielded up as follows-
5 ipods:
8 gig 1st gen nano ~given to roomate
30 gig 4th gen (b&w screen, not photo) ~given to other roomate
4 gig 1st gen mini ~promised to sister
2 30 gig 5th gen video: one with dead hard drive, one with dead battery
these last have been recombinated to yield one fully functional unit featuring 3 seasons of the (american) office, AND a replacement headphone jack for MY 5th gen ipod video, whih was only sending out the right audio chanel.

also a newer digital camera for my mom (new battery on the way from ebay), also one for my friend paul the plumber. also super awesome powered speakers & subwoofer dealie for peter (1st roomie above) and another set for me (which turned out to have one dead speaker, which I replaced today with one from a different broken set I have nearly thrown away about 4 times).

what else: 2 playstation twos (no games tho) including gun-controllers I've never seen before, and can't imagine using. possibly I can sell these on ebay or craigslist?... a brand new in-box, still clipped together pair of ugg loafers... umm what else? maybe that's it.

what's new with you? {see note at right about emailing me}

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