Saturday, October 25, 2008

went to a show

(note: other stuff happened too)

So I went to a show the other day, up at the stairwell gallery. It was "Aniki Dawn" of Providence, "SnowBlink" from Toronto, and "Dead Western" from Sacramento. It got past my bedtime, so I couldn't stick around for Dead Western, but I liked the two other acts pretty alright. (note to self: after you grab the .txt file cheat-sheet of "how the heck do I make links, new window, etc, & stuff" from other computer, make that a link to jake's photoblog). I have to track down snowblink online so I can say I liked them, and buy their CD (as I mentioned I had to dash off) but the main thing I came away from this show thinking about was how, when kyla (Ms A. Dawn) mentioned via inter-song banter (often an important aspect, helping steer the atmosphere) that she hadn't changed out of her pajamas before leaving the house that day, and was in fact still wearing them, the thought immediately occurred to me that, since I have been sleeping in my clothes for several months now, "wearing my pajamas all day" is a much less depressing way to think of this! Of course, upon any amount of further reflection, it immediately becomes clear that these two concepts ("PJs all day" vs "sleeps-in-clothes") are actually approximate opposites: on the one hand we have "cozy and comfortable all the time, cuz why the heck not!" and on the other, "never achieving particularly comfortable, just crashing as-is". See how that works?

I tend to think of this type of dichotomy as a relative or correlate of the old "glass half-empty or half-full" idea, only I have come to know it as "is the glass almost totally empty, or a little tiny bit full"?

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