Monday, September 28, 2009

last swimming

I should tell you more about the other day's swimming. Have I already mentioned that I have in the past few years crossed the magical body-fat-percentage threshold such that I no longer sink slowly to the bottom when I hold still in fresh water? Well, in a doubtless related development, I am now able to enjoy swimming in water that is cooler than ever previously! Generally I think of 'being immersed in cold water' as literally Tortuous, the other day as I was getting into the water I thought to myself "this water could definitely be warmer and that would be extremely OK" but I got in anyway.

I felt a little cold while on the return swim from the island, such that I swam part of the way with my arms still and tightly at my sides in a (laughable*) attempt to conserve heat (I generally use a modified elementary backstroke, with alternating-sides scissor kicks; this is similar to a back double trudgeon except for the arms, and with swim-fins on, as I had, is reasonably effective with no arm motion at all!), but after I got out of the water, I first got a terrible terrible headache and had to lie down to keep from fainting, then several minutes later felt very very cold and started to shiver a lot!

So this is why I had said earlier " note to self: next time bring wetsuit " in case you were wondering.
Or, even if you weren't!

*being immersed in cool liquid is an extremely effective way to lose heat

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